Virtual Event Recordings

Can We Stay Safe from Germs & Viruses Without Harmful Cleaning Products?

This past year, public health priority number one is curbing the spread of the coronavirus. Whether we are transitioning back to the workplace or taking protective measures around the house, we are probably surrounded by more cleaning products and disinfectants than before the pandemic. Unfortunately, many of these products are not good for our health either. While it is important to prevent COVID-19 transmission, limiting exposure to harmful chemicals often used to combat the virus is just as imperative. Funded by the Toxics Use Reduction Institute, Clean Water Fund has put together trainings, materials, and resources that discuss: one, the recent science on COVID-19 transmission, two, which chemicals are effective against the virus and three, how we can choose safer products while still effectively removing COVID-19 from surfaces in schools, homes, or facilities.

The Harm of Medical Racism as Experienced by Black Women Physicians

“This is how Black people get killed…” said Dr. Susan Moore, an African American physician, speaking about the medical treatment she received before dying of COVID-19 last December. From her hospital bed, Dr. Moore documented the medical racism she experienced in a Facebook video. Being a physician did not protect her from racial discrimination in health care. As patients and as health care professionals, Black women are disbelieved, belittled and not heard. We often hear about racial discrimination from Black patients but rarely hear from Black clinicians.

In this webinar, we discuss this under-explored topic: medical racism experienced by Black women as clinicians. What impact does racism have on their personal health? On their relationships with medical colleagues? On their mentoring of young Black adults interested in becoming health care providers Furthermore, we discuss who has the responsibility to address medical racism and what concrete action steps should be taken.

Forced Hysterectomies on Women of Color: A Matter of Reproductive Injustice

A recording of our webinar featuring “Belly of the Beast,” a documentary exposing the patterns of illegal sterilizations in Californian women’s prisons, along with a discussion surrounding the inhumane practice of forced hysterectomies. We were deeply honored to have Dr. Yvonne Gomez-Carrion and Erika Cohn, director of “Belly of the Beast”, as speakers and Joanne Suarez as our moderator for this event.

Same Storm - Different Boat

As seen across media outlets, there is very real fear about the COVID-19 vaccine. Just recently the New York Times published an article titled, "I Won't Be Used as a Guinea Pig For White People."

In response, we felt it very necessary to bring the community together to have an open conversation about the complex reasons behind many communities' fear of the COVID-19 vaccine, especially as our communities have suffered from a disproportionate amount of COVID-19 related illnesses. We were honored to have Professor Susan Reverby and Dr. Stephen Thomas discuss the history of medical mistrust and give clear and accessible examples of the ways we can improve COVID-19 related health inequities in communities of color.

Virtual Fundraiser for the Resilient Sisterhood Project

This fundraiser on August 22nd was a lovely afternoon of spoken words to celebrate sisterhood for 8 years and counting.

When the Bough Breaks

Recording of the discussion of the short documentary "When the Bough Breaks" following the screening of the documentary on Friday, July 24th. The conversation was led by Dr. Michele David with a poetry reading with Dr. Yvonne Gomez-Carrion.

Exploring the Intersection of Covid-19, Food Justice & Insecurity, and Obesity

Thank you to everyone who attended our dialogue on the racialized effects of COVID-19 on the politics of food and health in communities of color! Here is the recording of the event if you wish to view it again.

Virtual Mother's Day Ceremony

Thank you to everyone who attended our virtual Mother’s Day ceremony! If you were unable to attend the event or if you wish to watch it again, here is the Zoom recording of our celebration!

Covid-19 and Black Women's Health

A recording of our webinar on 4/18/2020. An interactive virtual discussion with Dr. Yvonne Gomez-Carrion, Dr. Tajh Ferguson, and other special guests as we explore the effects of COVID-19 on Black women's reproductive health and how to take care of your health during these times.